AB Medical Runs Intensive Medical Responder Training Program in Stony Rapids

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January’s graduating class of the Medical Responder Training program with Jerry, the skeleton. From left to right: Ruby Gunn, Paul Denechezhe, Justin Catholic, Shawna Sayazie, Shania Sayazie, Shaylene McDonald, Vernelle Toutsaint, Cheryl Cook.

By Kathy Christmann.

In response to an identified need for qualified medical responders and paramedics in Northern Saskatchewan, Athabasca Basin Medical teamed up with the Prince Albert Grand Council – Dene to provide training at the Medical First Responder 2 level for eight Athabasca students. The goal was to provide students with a basic understanding of emergency medicine while encouraging them to further their knowledge.

Throughout the fourteen-day program, four students from Black Lake, three from Stony Rapids and one from Wollaston Lake started their intensive training with Standard First Aid and CPR C for Health Care Professionals, then quickly progressed to learning anatomy and physiology, oxygen therapy, monitoring blood glucose, taking vital signs including blood pressures, pulses, respiratory rates and lung sounds.

Each day, the group would spend the first half hour practicing their clinical skills they had learned in previous sessions, then spend the next eight hours expanding and building on their knowledge of emergency medicine. Although they attended class from 8:30 AM until 6 PM, many were hitting the books in the evening, often until midnight.

The final challenge came on Day 12 when Derek Keller, the Director of Primary Care for the Athabasca Health Region, was invited to help assess the overall student performance in scenarios as a second evaluator. To respond as a Medical First Responder through a community responder program, trained responders must be licensed under their health region in accordance with SASK Health.

“This group of students should be very proud of their strong work ethic and dedication to the program,” says course instructor Kathy Christmann, Medical Services Manager at Athabasca Basin Medical. “Their commitment to study was shown in the 100% attendance rate, 86% overall class average, and the fact that 100% of the participants received their Medical First Responder Level 2 certification.”

Athabasca Basin Medical, a division of Athabasca Basin Security, has been working with PAGC, AHA and other groups to deliver several training courses in the Athabasca Region. “We have been honoured to work with AHA to deliver several SFA/CPR C training courses to their front-line staff, and Team Drilling to provide SFA/CPR C/WHMIS and TDG training for their Driller’s Helper course, and the communities of Stony Rapids and Fond Du Lac,” says Christmann. “I’m excited to have had these opportunities to provide training to the people of the North, and I look forward to future opportunities.” Plans are currently in the works to offer another Medical First Responder Course in spring.