The Athabasca Basin hosts the world’s richest high-grade uranium deposits. The Northern area covers almost a quarter of Saskatchewan and a small portion of Alberta. The region is also the home of seven communities. These communities are largely Dene First Nations communities and include Fond du Lac, Stony Rapids, Black Lake, Hatchet Lake, Wollaston Lake, Camsell Portage and Uranium City. The region is the most inaccessible and least environmentally disturbed area of Saskatchewan. Only the southern fringe is accessible by road, and many of the communities in the area have no all-weather road access.

Athabasca Basin Development is owned by the seven communities in the Athabasca area. The company was established to maximize local community participation in the opportunities in the mining industry.

Athabasca Basin Development Limited Partnership has ownership as follows:

  • Hatchet Lake Development LP – 23%
  • Black Lake Venture LP  – 23%
  • Fond du Lac First Nation LP – 23%
  • Northern Hamlet of Stony Rapids – 12%
  • Northern Settlement of Wollaston Lake – 6%
  • Northern Settlement of Uranium City – 6%
  • Northern Settlement of Camsell Portage – 6%
  • Athabasca Basin Development Corporation – 1%