About Athabasca Basin Development

Athabasca Basin Development is an investment company committed to building and investing in successful businesses. Since being established in 2002, the company has grown to include complete or partial ownership in companies providing a wide range of services, with investments in established companies providing industrial security, skilled workforce supply, construction, electrical, security, drilling, aviation and more.  With a strong focus on wealth creation and reinvestment, an experienced management team, and a strong balance sheet, the company is well positioned to continue to acquire, build and grow successful businesses.



Athabasca Basin Development is owned by the seven communities in the Athabasca area. The company was established to maximize local community participation in the opportunities in the mining industry.

Building Wealth

Building Wealth

Building Wealth

We heard this from Athabasca leaders and residents when the company was formed:
– We want the 7 communities to be unified
– We want to build something for future generations
– We want to have something when the mining is done
– We want employment
– We want to maximize on the opportunity

The unity and vision of the leadership in the region is key to this company’s success – without it, we would not be where we are today. The steady dedication from our shareholders and board to remaining true to this vision is remarkable.

ABD’s activities continue to be true to this original vision. Building Wealth is accomplished through reinvesting profits into strong businesses.

Giving Back

Giving back to our owners

Giving Back

“Building a future through investment” is accomplished by building wealth for the Athabasca communities, donations, community distributions, building a reputation, and building capacity. The key to making all benefits possible is in building wealth for the communities – without this foundation, the other benefits would not be possible.







Looking for an investor?

We are always open to exploring new ideas and opportunities. Whether it’s an established business, a partnership, project, or a potential startup idea, we encourage you to contact us. While we have some common criteria that we look for, we consider ourselves to be open to something new if it’s beneficial for both partners.

What does ABD look for in a business?