Partnering With Us

We are an Indigenous-owned investment company committed to building and investing in successful businesses.  With a strong focus on wealth creation and reinvestment, an experienced management team, and a strong balance sheet, our company is well positioned to continue to acquire, build and grow successful businesses.

We are always open to exploring new ideas and opportunities.  Whether it’s an established business, a partnership, project, or a potential startup idea, we encourage you to contact us.  While we have some common criteria that we look for, we consider ourselves to be open to something new if it’s beneficial for both partners.

What we will consider:

  • Start-ups
  • Purchases
  • Wholly owned
  • Partially owned
  • Long-term

What we look for in an investment:

  • Financial performance
  • Potential for growth
  • Sustainability
  • A strong management team, or succession plan
  • Commitment to long-term vs short-term
  • Commitment to continue, improve, or develop Aboriginal engagement
  • Would we bring value to the investment?

We Offer:

  • Financial Capacity
  • Proven track record in establishing ventures and new partnerships.
  • Indigenous Ownership Structure
  • Consistent and stable leadership

Please contact us to discuss potential partnership opportunities.