5Buds Cannabis Expands – Opens Three New Stores in La Ronge, Saskatoon, and Humboldt

March 27, 2023 in News
Explorer: Spring 2023

By Allison Strong

5Buds Cannabis invites all customers to visit its newly expanded location, located at 212-20th St W, in the heart of downtown Saskatoon.

This cannabis retailer storefront has been known as KIARO Cannabis since the early days of legalization. That was until the end of August 2022. Synergy Five Investments LP purchased the KIARO locations in Saskatoon and La Ronge and reopened them on September 2, 2022, under the banner of 5Buds Cannabis. Customers are intrigued by the storefront that is now in Saskatoon, as this is 5Buds’ first location in one of the major urban centers in Saskatchewan.

“Many customers had not heard of 5Buds in Saskatoon prior to this, so it was exciting to educate the community on our brand,” says Calvin Isackson, Managing Director of 5Buds. “The existing customers are especially happy to have both the Saskatoon and La Ronge locations re-opened in their communities.”

In La Ronge, the 5Buds storefront was open to the public, but has now been updated and reopened. By reopening both locations, the 5Buds HQ team has been able to bring in new product selections that were not available under the previous brand. This has helped 5Buds stand out as a premiere destination for cannabis in the community, as customers have a wide variety of selections to choose from.

“In our La Ronge location there was still excitement, but many customers in the community were aware of the brand from our Prince Albert market, which in itself, is very exciting for the team to celebrate the far reach of the 5 Buds Cannabis brand throughout the province,” Calvin says. “The main benefit of these locations is that it broadens the exposure for the brand across the province by being in new communities – allowing customers to have the flexibility to shop at our other locations across the province as they travel.”

Calvin Isackson, Managing Director of 5Buds; Keilan Hendricks,
Store Leader, 5Buds Humboldt, Josh Spacil, District Manager,
5Buds at the 5Buds Humboldt grand opening.

The Humboldt location is a brand-new store located at 2416 Westwood Drive, in the new up and coming area of Humboldt. “We are excited to open our eighth store and to serve the community of Humboldt,” says Calvin. “We just opened a few weeks ago and we have already established strong relationships with a lot of people in this beautiful town. We’ve had positive feedback on our product selection, and everyone loves the design of the store, the privacy and the prices. We were pleasantly surprised to hear that many had seen our brand already, having shopped in our other locations.”