We’d Like to Thank Terri Daniels for Decades of Dedication to the Athabasca Region.

September 3, 2014 in People
Explorer: Fall 2014

After nearly 40 years of working for the Athabasca communities and working for Athabasca Basin Development since its inception, Terri Daniels retired from full-time work as of March 31.

Terri’s involvement with the Athabasca communities started in 1974 when she was elected to the Local Advisory Council and later began working for the Northern Settlement of Wollaston Lake. Over the years, Terri has been on countless committees and sat on numerous boards, including the Athabasca Working Group, the Northern Municipal Trust Account, and the Athabasca Land Use Planning Committee. She is well known for her dedication, perseverance and commitment to the Athabasca region, and she has been recognized with the Queen’s Jubilee Medal and the Saskatchewan Centennial medal for her regional and community work through the years. Fortunately, Terri isn’t ready to leave us completely just yet. We are pleased that Terri has accepted and will serve on the Athabasca Basin Development Board of Directors as of April 1, 2014.

We’d like to wish Terri all the best in her retirement from full time employment, and we look forward to her wisdom, expertise, and dedication as a member of our Board.