Athabasca Summer Student Program

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This summer, Athabasca Basin Development and six of its investments employed 12 students from the Athabasca Basin Region in its first-ever summer student program. “Our summer student program helps develop tomorrow’s leaders by providing a meaningful work experience,” says Kristy Jackson, Director of Communications with Athabasca Basin Development. “We’d like to extend a big thank-you to our partner, Prince Albert Grand Council, as well as the participating businesses: Athabasca Basin Security, Points Athabasca, Team Drilling, Tru-North, Arctic Beverages
and Points North.”

Q & A: With Allison Strong, Marketing & Communications Summer Student

How do you like the summer student program so far?
The program has been a rewarding hands-on learning experience. I’m glad that I chose to apply for the Athabasca Basin Summer Student Program, as this job has been one to remember. I met many good people, primarily through mentorship.

Is the position anything like you thought it would be?

Although this is my first summer student program experience, I know I could not have chosen a better one. The written job details explained what it would be like, but you never know what to expect until you experience the full-time job.

What have you learned so far?
My summer position in marketing and communications has allowed me to express my creativity and bring out my professional nature. I have excelled in my writing skills, business email etiquette, and even editing and writing news articles. Most exciting was gaining knowledge in marketing businesses.

What are you taking or have taken in school? And does this summer job position relate to what
you have learned?

I have taken many classes, including English Studies and Art, so working in marketing and communications helped me combine what I have learned in school, build on my outgoing nature, and see how I can use my skills to excel in the real world rather than just my in-class assignments.

Has this summer job experience opened any more opportunities?
The Summer Student Program has a range of positions. As my position was marketing and communications, the job gives an idea on how to start and build any business idea, whether it be for my future position as a teacher or marketing businesses in any industry.

What are your future plans? Has it changed after working with the summer student program?
This fall, I will be starting my third year in the College of Education. My mentor was supportive with every path available to me and helped teach me that when you step outside your comfort zone, communicate with people, and gain the essential skills, any dream is attainable.

This summer was the program’s first year. Summer 2022 positions will open
this winter