Rise Air upgrading medevac operations

September 22, 2021 in News
Explorer: Fall 2021

Rise Air upgraded its medevac operations by acquiring a King Air B200 twin turboprop aircraft outfitted with the very latest avionics and other instrumentation for more reliable all-weather operations. The aircraft has an upgraded cabin better equipped for transporting critical care patients. Rise Air expects the new aircraft to be delivered in July 2022 and to be operational in the fall.

“In cooperation with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Athabasca Health Authority, Rise Air provides vital air ambulance services to the communities of the north,” says Carla Wayman, Rise Air’s Director of Flight Operations. “With the acquisition of this King Air B200, we have upgraded to an aircraft that is completely outfitted to do patient transports, thus providing the medical staff attending to the patients in the cabin with the latest and most efficient setup. With this interior configuration, everything is within arm’s length for the medical staff, enabling them to provide the very best in patient care,” adds Wayman.

In cooperation with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and the Athabasca Health Authority, Rise Air provides air ambulance services to all the communities of the north. As part of the medevac contracts, Rise Air utilizes King Airs
and a Twin Otter.