Points North signs LOI with Black Lake Ventures

Posted on March 10, 2021 in News. Tags:

Top Right: Terri-Lynn Beavereye, Executive Director of Black Lake Ventures. Top Left: Victor Echodh, Board Chair of Black Lake Ventures Bottom: Mark Eikel, CEO of Points North, and Blaine Eikel, Controller for Points North, sign LOI.

In December 2020, Black Lake Ventures (BLV) and Points North Freight Forwarding (PNFF) signed a Letter of Intent (LOI). The LOI is a commitment by the two companies to work together to identify and jointly pursue business opportunities to build local businesses and create local jobs to the benefit of Black Lake and its community members.

“On behalf of BLV I am very pleased with this important step to building business opportunities for our

community,” says Victor Ecodh, Chair of BLV. “Years ago, when Black Lake made its original investment in Athabasca Basin Development, our community leaders always had a vision of using this investment to create business opportunities for our community. Today, we have taken another important step to making this vision real.”

“BLV is excited to be working with PNFF and looks to leverage their years of experience to assist BLV in pursuing business opportunities that will directly benefit our community and create local jobs,” says Terri-Lynn Beavereye, Executive Director of BLV. “The LOI is a first step. We have lots of work to do in order to build businesses that will create jobs and opportunities for many years to come.”

By working directly with BLV on these business opportunities, PNFF will be able to continue its 36-year venture to serve northern Saskatchewan and strengthen the investment that has been made by the  seven northern communities in PNFF. “On behalf of PNFF, I would like to thank BLV. We are eager to work with them and pursue business opportunities that will help grow the north,” says Mark Eikel, CEO of PNFF. “For the past 36 years PNFF has been dedicated to serving the north. PNFF looks forward to sharing past experience and collaborating with BLV. PNFF would welcome any opportunity to work with

our other investor communities who are interested in pursuing joint business opportunities.”