In July, Points Athabasca employed 182 Residents of the North and 92 Athabasca residents.

Points Athabasca Employs Record Number of Northern Residents

September 3, 2012 in News People
Explorer: Fall 2012

In July, Points Athabasca employed 182 Residents of the North (RSN), setting a record for the company. With a total of 358 people directly employed by the company that month, RSNs represented 52% of their total workforce.

92 Athabasca residents were also employed with the company in July, 26% of the company’s total workforce, the second highest number the company has achieved in its thirteen year history.

“As an Aboriginal contracting company, we focus many of our efforts on building regional capacity and prosperity,” says John Scarfe, Manager of Points Athabasca. “To have achieved this milestone is an indication that we are making progress and that our efforts are making an impact. While we will continue to work with our partners to improve on these results, I am pleased with the level of success achieved so far.”

Formed in 1999 as a partnership between Athabasca Basin Development and Graham Construction, Points Athabasca is committed to providing the highest quality of service through local participation and developing capacity in local and impacted areas. The company employs a vast scope of positions within its mandate of providing a strong workforce to the local communities in which it works. This includes a wide variety of trades in the construction industry, as well as professional services such as Engineers, Schedulers, Estimators, Project Managers, and more. In 2011, Points Athabasca was recognized for their efforts in leadership and commitment to the growth of Aboriginal business by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, taking home an ABEX Award for Aboriginal Business Partnership.