Pictured: Ron Hyggen, CEO of Athabasca Basin Security (left) with Kelly Chalmers, former owner of All Peace Protection (right).

Athabasca Basin Security Buys Alberta-based All Peace Protection

March 3, 2017 in News
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Athabasca Basin Security recently completed the acquisition of All Peace Protection, a security company based in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

All Peace Protection has been providing security and protection services since 1974. The company has grown to employ 150 people in a wide arrange of security and protection services including security to oilfield facilities such as pipelines, worksites and campsites, parking enforcement, video monitoring and safety training courses. All Peace Protection has operations primarily in Alberta and British Columbia.

“We are very excited about this investment into All Peace Protection,” says Ron Hyggen, CEO of Athabasca Basin Security. “We were very interested in All Peace Protection as Kelly and his management team have done an excellent job in growing the company and are well diversified in its service offerings. This acquisition essentially doubles our company in size to over 300 staff, and significantly increases our footprint in Western Canada.

It will also allow ABS to continue to service our Alberta clients with greater capacity and provide further support to our BC operations. With this acquisition, we are excited to start a new and exciting chapter in our company’s history, and we look forward to continuing the excellent relationship that All Peace Protection has had with their clients and the Grande Prairie community for the past 40 years.”

Athabasca Basin Security, a Saskatoon- based company providing industrial security services to clients such as AREVA, Cameco, K+S, BHP Billiton and Potash Corp, will have 100% ownership of All Peace Protection. Ron Hyggen will take over the CEO responsibilities for All Peace Protection with no other changes to current operations as a result of this transaction.

“As part of our succession planning, it was important for us to find the right company, and Athabasca Basin Security was a perfect fit with our company’s culture and values,” says Kelly Chalmers, former owner of All Peace Protection. “Both companies have demonstrated commitment and successful track records in respecting local First Nations territory, building meaningful relationships with First Nations and providing employment to local workers, as well as providing top tier service to our clients. This transaction was a true win-win and will have a positive outcome for both companies.”

Athabasca Basin Security is owned 100% by Athabasca Basin Development. This is the first investment in the security company’s fifteen-year history. “These two companies provide a very similar service, and it made perfect sense for Athabasca Basin Security to make this investment in order to grow the company,” says Geoff Gay, CEO of Athabasca Basin Development. “We look forward to seeing how the two companies will continue to grow and be stronger as a result of this transaction.”