Thanadelthur Square Gathering

September 26, 2022 in Giving Back
Explorer: Fall 2022

A gathering took place in Churchill, Manitoba on August 1–5, 2022 that included cultural events for youth and participation in a ceremony for Hudson Square to be renamed Thanadelthur Square, after a young Dene woman who lived over 300 years ago who helped initiate a peace treaty between the Dene and the Cree. Youth and Elders attended cultural events to inspire the youth to recognize the importance of their culture and how important it is to absorb cultural knowledge to sustain it in the future. Students participated in a round dance inside Fort Prince of Wales, where their ancestors of over 300 years walked and saw beluga whales and polar bears in its natural habitat. Prince Albert Grand Council and Hatchet Lake First Nation organized the event, and Athabasca Basin Development sponsored the event for $5,000.