Santa in the North 2020

Posted on December 18, 2020 in Giving Back. Tags:

Santa flies to Athabasca communities

On December 3, Santa took time out of his very busy schedule to fly to the northern communities in the Athabasca region in Saskatchewan. With the help of Transwest Air and West Wind Aviation, Santa was able to visit the communities of Fond Du Lac, Stony Rapids, Black Lake and Wollaston Lake. It was a momentous occasion as it is Santa’s 20th year working with Transwest Air to make his annual visit.

Santa had to take special precautions this year due to COVID-19 and restrictions in communities. While he was not able to personally visit each child as in previous years, he did make sure each child received a special gift bag containing a gift, book, oranges, and Santa’s special treat of a candy cane. Santa made his delivery to the communities to be distributed to each child from newborn to Grade 12. Santa came with his team of elves to each base to drop off his delivery to be distributed by each school later on.

Many partners came on board to help bring Santa to the Athabasca region. West Wind and Transwest provided freight and administration of the program. Cameco, Orano, the Northern Store, Northern Lights Community Development and SGO Mining provided gift bags with toys and treats for children. “Nearly 1400 kids received a gift bag this year,” says Tracy Young-McLean, VP of Human Resources and Culture at West Wind Aviation. “This is a huge initiative involving many people, and we cannot thank our partner companies enough for their contributions. I also want to recognize our team of organizers who really went above and beyond to make this program happen this year with everything going on in 2020, and especially Naomi Burnhart, who did a ton of work to move this event forward and adjust to Covid.”

Points Athabasca, Athabasca Basin Development, Team Drilling, Flyer Electric, Points North, and Athabasca Basin Security provided a book for each child from daycare to grade 12. “This is the third year we’ve worked together as a group to provide a book to each of the kids,” says Kristy Jackson, Director of Marketing & communications at Athabasca Basin Development. “It’s becoming a bit of an annual tradition to see our boardroom filled with kids books. Our staff have started really looking forward to the task of receiving, sorting and packing all those books for the kids to enjoy.”   

This is the 9th year Athabasca Basin Development has been a part of this program.