Photo courtesy of KCDC. Front row, Left to Right: Eric Tang, ABS; Wilton Angus, ALS; Cara Greyeyes, KCDC; Connie Mercredi, AREVA; Renee Breckner, RCMP ProActive Recruiting; Stephen Pinto, QM Environmental; Kyle Remus, QM Environmental; Glen Strong, Points Athabasca; Sarah Jensen, Northern Resource Trucking; Tracy Gobeil, Univeristy of Saskatchewan College of Nursing. Back row Left to Right: Glen Lafleur, AREVA; Patricia Forrest, ALS; Dan Redekopp, RCMP ProActive Recruiting; Jodyn Burnoff, Northlands College; Cheryl McKenzie, KCDC

Athabasca Fly-In Career Symposium

September 1, 2017 in Giving Back
Explorer: Fall 2017

This May, KCDC once again hosted the Athabasca Fly-In Career Symposium, where students from high schools in Wollaston Lake, Black Lake, and Fond du Lac participated in the career fair and hands on activities. Points Athabasca, Athabasca Basin Security, and Athabasca Labour Services participated and presented at this year’s fair.