Arctic Bevrages staff at the Flin Flon location serve hot dogs, chips and Pepsi to raise money for ONEXONE

Arctic Beverages Hosts Charity BBQs in Support of ONEXONE’s First Nations Breakfast Program

March 7, 2015 in Giving Back
Explorer: Spring 2015

In September, Arctic Beverages hosted BBQs across five locations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan to support ONEXONE’s First Nations breakfast program. Staff and community came out in droves to savour a hot dog, chips and drink for $2. Arctic Beverages matched every donation.

“A big thank you to the staff at Arctic Beverages for their hard work on this, and to everyone in our communities who supported the event,” says Sean Post, CEO of Arctic Beverages. “Our BBQ fundraiser was a huge success, raising enough money to fund 8,000 breakfasts for children in First Nations communities who otherwise might not have had anything to eat. We are thrilled to be able to support ONEXONE in continuing their work in feeding children.”

Sean Post, CEO of Arctic Beverages

ONEXONE is a non-profit organization that provides grants to community partners enabling the implementation of programs that offer a nutritious meal to children attending school every day that school is open. In 2007, ONEXONE and the Assembly of First Nations set a goal to address and increase the availability of healthy food to all First Nations children in the school setting. Partnering with Pepsico Canada, the National First Nations School Breakfast

Program was formed. In 2013-2014, the organization provided grants that supported over 4,400 children from 23 communities across Canada, donating over 600,000 balanced breakfasts. The Pepsi Foundation has provided $50,000 in funding each year since the program’s inception.

“Your generosity of matching all donations for a grand total of $8,009 is most sincerely appreciated,” says Angie Camara, Director, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships ONEXONE Foundation. “Your contribution will assist to improve the health, wellness and vitality of the children and communities that participate in the First Nations School Breakfast Program and aid us towards our ultimate goal of alleviating food insecurity in Canada and enriching the lives of children.”

Arctic Beverages is already making plans for next year’s fundraiser. “We’ve been a proud supporter of ONEXONE since 2008,” says Post. “Hunger is an increasing epidemic amongst children, with First Nations children suffering the greatest levels of poverty among all children in Canada. By giving impoverished kids food security, ONEXONE is doing great work in making a difference in the lives of these kids, and we are proud to give back to our communities by supporting this worthy initiative.”

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