Maddy McCallum dances at the KCDC Career fair in Wollaston lake. There is a great video on our Facebook page that showcases her dancing.

2018 Athabasca Fly In Career Fair

September 30, 2018 in Giving Back
Explorer: Fall 2018

This May, KCDC once again hosted the Athabasca Fly-In Career Fair. 397 students from grades 7-12 in Wollaston Lake, Black Lake, and Fond du Lac participated. This year, KCDC brought in professional traditional dancer Maddy McCallum. Originally from Ile a la Crosse, Maddy had an incredible story to share that really resonated with students. Athabasca Basin Development also presented this year, talking to kids about careers in marketing & communications. Points Athabasca, Athabasca Basin Security, Team Drilling, and Athabasca Labour Services also participated and presented at this year’s fair.