Allison Strong from Stony Rapids is a scholarship recipient as well as the ABD Marketing Summer student since 2021. Allison recently accepted a permanent position with Optek Solutions as the Communications Coordinator. We wish her the best of luck in her new role!


November 14, 2023 in People
Explorer: Fall 2023

In addition to our annual Athabasca Student Dinner, support for community-led graduation activities, and the Athabasca summer student program, we also provide funding each year for scholarships. 

Ya’thi Néné Land and Resource Office has offered scholarships for Athabasca students since 2017. $65,000 in scholarships were awarded in 2023 to recipients. Cameco, Orano, Ya’thi Néné, and Athabasca Basin Development all contribute to the program, along with Flyer Electric supporting $5,000 towards the Denise Bougie scholarship for trades students. Congratulations to this year’s recipients: 

Shenelle Echodh, Cassidy Renie, Candy Robillard, Pacey Disain, Morgen Bigeye, Allison Strong, Brianda Robillard, Dean Davidson, Linda Sayazie, Darlene Sandypoint, Terri-Anne Randhile, Clarissa Augier, Raylen Adam, Samantha Adam, Gessika Laliberte, Deborah Derocher, Timothy Fern Jr, Dausitie Fern, Brayden Lidguerre, Ryea Daniels, There Joseyounen, Antonia Sha’oulle, Marian Josie, Ilene Sha’oulle, Junior Angus Joseyounen, Darian Joseyounen (Gazandlare), Charles Dettaniba. 

QM Points made $42,000 in scholarships available to Athabasca students. This is the fourth year of the program. Congratulations to this year’s recipients: Michelle Throassie, Jamie Pacquette, Cassidy Renie, Darlene Sandypoint, Christen Renie, Vanessa Renie, Ryea Daniels, Terri-Anne Randhile, Shenelle Echodh, Allison Strong, Timothy Fern, Gessika Laliberte.