10 Year ABD Employee, Kristine McWilliam

September 5, 2015 in People
Explorer: Fall 2015

Kristine McWilliam has seen a lot of change happen in the last ten years. Back in 2005, Kristine was working for investment firm Raymond James. She had completed her Bachelor of Commerce with a Finance major at the University of Saskatchewan four years prior, graduating with Distinction. In October that year, Kristine left her position with Raymond James and started bookkeeping for Athabasca Basin Development. “Back then, all the investments were basically divisions within Athabasca Basin Development,” says Kristine, “I was the sole bookkeeper for security, ABD, and the road division for three years. We’ve changed and grown so much that I could never do all that now – I’d be drowning in numbers!”

Her role – and the company – grew swiftly. Today, Kristine is the Controller for Athabasca Basin Development. Managing the finances of the company,

Kristine works with senior management to prepare budgets, financial statements for management and the board, and does all the day to day bookkeeping. Kristine also works with the management and accountants of new ABD investments to ensure a smooth transition under new ownership – which can be a very simple or

a very involved process depending on the structure of the investment. “It’s been a great opportunity to grow along with the company,” says Kristine. “In my time here, I’ve watched ABD go from a smaller company operating divisions in security, road and labour services to evolving into an investment company with a portfolio of investments. Because there’s been so much change, I’ve learned so much, and every day, I continue learning.”

The one thing Kristine has enjoyed above all else in her time with ABD has been the people. “It’s been wonderful to have the opportunity to work with our board, management and staff at both ABD and our investments,” she says. “One thing that’s really nice to see is there are so many people that were working with ABD back when I started and are still here. ABD Board members Anne Robillard and Dean Klassen have been here since the beginning. Our CEO, Geoff Gay, Glen Strong with Points Athabasca, and Terri Daniels, who is now on ABD’s Board, have also been here since the beginning. To have so many people here for this long, I think this says a lot about our company.”

As for the future, Kristine plans to stick with ABD for the next ten years and beyond. “The flexibility that Ihave has provided me with the ability to school my kids from home while continuing my career,” she says, “I thoroughly enjoy working for ABD and look forward to the future.”