Terry Tessier, CEO of Flyer Electric, gives a presentation at the 2022 virtual career fair

Virtual Career Fair

September 26, 2022 in Giving Back News
Explorer: Fall 2022

By Allison Strong

The 2022 Northern Saskatchewan Virtual Career Fair invited all grade 10 – 12 students, adult learners, and unemployed and underemployed Northern SK.

Residents to attend online on May 11th. Attendees included QM Points, Points Athabasca, Flyer Electric, and Athabasca Basin Security as well as 21 other representative speakers. Speakers highlight a variety of careers in technical institutes, colleges, universities, community service and government agencies, and the business community. The Virtual Career Fair attracts those seeking helpful advice and connections to further their studies or career.

The second annual online career fair was successful with over 200 residents registered to attend. Representatives answered essential questions and shared valuable information for those in the job market, helping those looking for guidance on where and how to apply for careers and schooling.

The speakers shared their insights and experiences since they first began in post-secondary training institutes and their careers. Representatives talked about the level of training and the amount of work it takes to start at entry-level jobs and work their way up to high- paying careers. The online access to the Virtual Career Fair helps make these connections and better assist those looking to find success in various industries – especially for residents who live far distances in the northern region. The Northern Career Fair provides information on where exactly residents can apply for these educational and training institutes and employment opportunities located in and out of these northern communities.