Rise Air is delighted to share images of the first of our Twin Otter aircrafts to be upgraded and rebranded into their official colours.

Rise Air Making Significant Investment

March 27, 2023 in News
Explorer: Spring 2023

Rise Air is investing in the long-term future of transportation in Northern Saskatchewan. The company is acquiring newer aircrafts that are more dependable, have more capacity, better performance, and can deliver a better service to customers. “We are not just buying a plane; the fleet plane is the biggest investment that Rise Air has made in its history,” says Derek Nice, President and CEO of Rise Air. “This is our vote of confidence in the future of aviation in Northern Saskatchewan. It’s also a statement by Rise Air that we are going to continue to be the airline of choice in the North.”

IGK, one of Rise Air’s DHC-6 Twin Otters has been through a major upgrade, including a new more comfortable, practicalinterior following a floor-to-ceiling refit. Externally IGK proudly wears the new Rise Air colours having been repainted in Chilliwack, BC. The Twin Otter can operate on wheels, floats and skis making this one of the most practical aircraft in the industry. From mine work, and schedule services, to caribou hunts to freight hauls, Twin Otters are excellent aircraft all-round.

The ATR 42-500 was selected as the right aircraft type to serve Saskatchewan’s northern communities after an in-depth assessment of all the alternatives. “This aircraft is almost new, and is more modern than the planes in our current fleet. It has upgraded engines, it’s faster and it can handle a larger payload, so it can carry more cargo and more passengers on the routes where demand is highest.”

Rise Air’s ATR 42-500

Rise Air’s new flagship ATR 42-500, offers 40% more passenger and cargo capacity than the aircraft it replaces. Passengers will discover wider seats, more legroom, a wider aisle, and greater overhead bin space. The aircraft is faster and much quieter, thanks to an active cabin noise suppression system.