Points Athabasca’s Culvert Boring Machine

Points Athabasca Offering New Culvert Boring Service as Part of Expansion Plans

September 3, 2014 in News
Explorer: Fall 2014

Whenever there’s a way to do road construction without disrupting traffic, it’s a big bonus for everyone. With that in mind, Points Athabasca opened a new Culvert Boring division in spring of this year. The company now has the capacity to offer its clients culvert replacement services using a trenchless method, eliminating the need for open excavations. “This culvert boring approach allows a culvert to be replaced without tearing up the road or disrupting traffic,” says Ben Berkach, Manager of Earthworks and Infrastructure with Points Athabasca. “This provides huge advantages in terms of safety, cost, and overall disruption.”

This is a new business line for Points Athabasca, an Aboriginal-owned construction company that has been offering industrial, underground, and earth- works & infrastructure construction and maintenance services since 1999. “As part of our overall plans for both geographic and product offering expansion, this is a great direction for Points Athabasca to go,” says Brad Darbyshire, CEO of Points Athabasca. “Not only do roads always need maintenance and repairs, but as part of our mandate of ‘building capacity,’ it is also another skill where we can train and provide employment opportunities for aboriginal people.”

Ron Miller, a Lac La Ronge Indian Band member, is one example. Miller has received driller training in West Salem, Ohio, USA to give him the qualifications needed to operate the drill. Miller will also play a role in training others to operate the drill as the division expands.

“Building Capacity is a part of who we are as a company, and we are always looking for ways to build on our track record of success in providing training and employ- ment for aboriginal people,” says Darbyshire. “This new service offer- ing is just one of several plans we have in place for expansion in the coming months that will not only increase our company’s ability to service our clients, but also help us to fulfill our mandate.”