Double Diamond’s first portable classroom was installed in Black Lake, SK earlier this year

New Opportunities – Double Diamond Opens Two New Divisions

September 5, 2015 in News
Explorer: Fall 2015

Double Diamond has a unique building approach, and their industrial structures are known for being built to last. Using the knowledge and expertise from years serving the resources industry, Double Diamond has started two new product lines: modular houses and portable classrooms.

Double Diamond has been building modular structures for major corporate clients in Western Canada for over eight years. As a former educator, Double Diamond CEO Barrie Bergsma has experienced first-hand the challenges surrounding changing school populations and the need for flexible, affordable space solutions.

“We decided to open our Portable Classroom Division this spring,” says Bergsma. “We make a high quality product for our corporate clients – why not offer these to the education system?”

The first portable classrooms went to Black Lake school earlier this year. The classrooms are designed to accommodate up to 36 students and are bright, comfortable and durable. “We are very proud to have our first portable classrooms go back to one of our shareholder communities,” Bergsma says.

Because this is a new division, Double Diamond is offering special introductory pricing of $97,500 per classroom. “We can also get a classroom built and ready in a very quick turnaround – as little as six weeks in some cases,” says Bergsma.

In addition to a new portable classroom division, Double Diamond has also started offering modular houses. “The first four modular houses will be going into Southend this fall,” says Bergsma. “The houses were designed in collaboration with INAC, as well as having discussions with the members of Southend and discussions with other northerners to determine the specific needs of northerners for housing so that a Double Diamond house has the features that address those needs.”

The houses are 1248 square feet, and feature three bedrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room, laundry room and bathroom. All houses feature 2 x 6 exterior wall construction with R20 insulation, LED lighting, air exchangers, and matching storage sheds are available.

The houses are being built in Double Diamond’s Saskatoon plant and are shipped to site in two 13’ feet wide modules which will be joined together on site to form a 26’ x 48’ house. “The houses are originally built with flat roofs so that they can be transported over the bridge at Otter Rapids which has very low clearance,” says Bergsma. “Once they are on site, a typical peaked roof will be installed. The roof will use tin instead of normal shingles to increase durability.”

All Double Diamond houses and portable classrooms are built to the usual quality and care that the company has become known for in the construction of its mining camps and site offices. Contact Barrie at (306) 664-4466 for more information.