Flyer Electric Adopts New Logo

March 3, 2013 in News
Explorer: Spring 2013

Flyer Electric has recently adopted a new logo, representing a significant milestone in the company’s evolution. After 30 years, however, saying goodbye to the original logo will be tough.

“We have significantly expanded our business in the past couple of years and looking ahead, the future is looking very bright for Flyer Electric,” says Terry Tessier, CEO of Flyer Electric. “It is the opportune time to look at the company’s future and we have spent a lot of time in a vibrant gradient of reds and oranges. In addition to the logo, a new tagline has been adopted.

Bob Cockwill, President of Flyer Electric, started the company and has been there since its inception. “Providing a quality product and service has always been a key to our success and our new tagline, ’30 Years of Powerful Solutions’ really captures that,” says Cockwill. “While the original logo served us well for the past 30 years, I think it’s the perfect time for the company to make this change. I am very pleased with the new logo and tagline, as I think it accurately depicts who we are, as well as honouring our history of providing top-notch service.”

In the coming months, Flyer Electric will be updating all collaterals, uniforms, trucks, business cards, etc. including a new website that will be launched this spring.