Athabasca Basin Security Signs Agreement with George Gordon First Nation

March 3, 2012 in News
Explorer: Spring 2012

This fall, Athabasca Basin Security CEO Ron Hyggen Jr. signed an agreement with Chief Glen Pratt and the George Gordon First Nation and George Gordon Security Inc. that increases employment and training opportunities for members of the First Nation, and provides a pool of local employees for Athabasca Basin Security.

“We are excited to be partnering with such a proud member of the Saskatchewan First Nation community,” says Ron Hyggen Jr, CEO of Athabasca Basin Security. “This agreement will not only strengthen our ability to attract, train and retain staff from the local area as we provide top notch service for BHP Billiton and SNC Lavalin, but it also provides us with a local resource that is able to offer support for our employees when they are not at work. It’s definitely a win-win, and I look forward to continuing our partnership with George Gordon in the future.”

Athabasca Basin Security has been assisting George Gordon Security Inc. in the process of becoming certified to deliver the Saskatchewan Justice course required to work in the security industry. Once complete, George Gordon Security Inc will take on a more active role in providing training and in the overall hiring process.

“This agreement will allow for financial contributions to George Gordon First Nation as well as meaningful employment and training opportunities for our band members,” says Chief Glen Pratt, Chief of George Gordon First Nation. “We are proud to be partnering with a growing First Nations company to benefit our band members and provide a high level of security service.”

Many of Athabasca Basin Security’s new employees are referred by George Gordon Security Inc. and are from the local area. George Gordon Security Inc began operation in August 2008, providing services for Enbridge Pipeline Construction and in the Estevan area. George Gordon First Nation is representative of the strong voices within the Touchwood Agency Tribal Council.