Athabasca Basin Development Celebrates 20 Years

March 27, 2023 in News
Explorer: Spring 2023

By Allison Strong

On November 29th, Athabasca Basin Development had a celebration of twenty years in business.

Over 180 people travelled from far and wide to celebrate this significant milestone. Guests included Chiefs, Elders, Leaders, board members, our investment and sponsorship partners, and even members from the Athabasca communities, including half of Camsell Portage.

In addition to an opening and closing prayer and traditional drumming, the celebration featured a variety of speeches, including words from Alice Wong, Cameco’s Senior Vice-President and Chief Corporate Officer, as well as Joe Hargrave, Member of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly for Prince Albert Carlton. The evening was in honour of all those that were involved in Athabasca Basin Development’s twenty years of working with the communities and “building a future through investment.”

Since the inception of Athabasca Basin Development, Terri Daniels has been involved, and still sits on the board as a Unit Holder Representative for Wollaston Lake. “Being involved in starting up that whole thing, what can I say – I think it’s really great,” says Terri. “It’s gone beyond my expectations really about what we were thinking when we first started talking about these things. I’m really proud of the progress of everything, where we are today. The Athabasca, we had all kinds of ideas, and this company has gone so far … doing all the things the Athabasca wished for.”

Pictured (Left to right). Front row: Glen Strong, Points Athabasca; Allison Strong, Athabasca Basin Development; Chief Coreen Sayazie, Black Lake; Terri Daniels, Wollaston Lake, Vice Chief Joseph Tsannie, PAGC; Kristine McWilliam, ABD. 2nd row: Chief Kevin Mercredi, Fond du Lac; Anne Robillard, Hatchet Lake Economic Development; Kristy Jackson, ABD; Joan Strong, PAGC; Vice Chief Christopher Jobb, PAGC; Glenn Lafleur, Orano. Third row: Rosalie Tsannie-Burseth, Claire Laroque, Mayor of Camsell Portage; Daniel Powder, Mayor of Stony Rapids, Garrett Schmidt, Ya’ thi Néné Lands and Resources.  4th row: Shauna Loewen, ABD; Danny Augier, Uranium City; Joyce Powder, Camsell Portage; Geoff Gay, ABD. 5th row: Alice Wong, Cameco; Terri-Lynn Beavereye; Black Lake Ventures; Tiffany Toutsaint, Fond du Lac Development; Chief Bart Tsannie; Hatchet Lake. Back row: Don Deranger, Deputy Minister Blair Wager, Ministry of Highways.

Our planning committee chose 29 recipients to honour at the celebration. Beaded medallions with the Athabasca Basin Development logo were gifted to each of these recipients for their involvement in Athabasca Basin Development and its accomplishments throughout the years. A big thank you to Marie Tssessaze, from Black Lake, and Delores Taylor, from Fond du Lac, for their time spent creating such amazing bead work on these medallions.

To all those who have contributed over the years, those who are new partners with us, and those who traveled a long distance to attend, thank you for joining our celebration and for your support!