Arctic Beverages stocks up on extra water in its Winnipeg warehouse. Photo provided by Arctic Beverages.

Arctic Beverages Provides Drinking Water to Red Cross in Emergencies

September 8, 2016 in News
Explorer: Fall 2016

Arctic Beverages has partnered with the Canadian Red Cross to provide drinking water to nearby communities in crisis.

According to Sean Post, CEO of Arctic Beverages, the relationship has been very positive and Harold Bonazew, Arctic Beverages General Manager and Del Hutlet, Product Coordinator have played key roles to ensure product is not only available to be shipped immediately, but also work with Arctic’s suppliers to handle the sudden demand increase.

“About a year ago, Red Cross contacted us to see if we could supply water at short notice for disaster or emergencies in the North,” says Bonazew. “We started by simply storing water for them and since that time, we have provided water for emergency situations in three Northern Manitoba communities.”

When a state of emergency has been declared and the Canadian Red Cross is asked to assist, they can call upon Arctic to provide Aquafina bottled water on short notice. The community of Shamattawa is a recent example. “In late May of this year, the remote community of Shamattawa, Manitoba had a compromised water system that necessitated airlifting all drinking water to the community,” says Bonazew. “In total, ten trailer loads with 300 pallets, over 40,000 L, of Aquafina water was delivered by Arctic to the Canadian Red Cross so that the residents of Shamattawa had a source of safe drinking water.”

Because emergencies can occur with little notice, Arctic Beverages has increased its inventory levels of Aquafina to ensure the Canadian Red Cross has access to safe, secure drinking water on a moment’s notice. “We have a stockpile in Winnipeg at all times,” says Bonazew, “We also stock up extra every April and May for the forest fire season. Tornadoes, forest fires, water system problems – basically, any situation where the Red Cross is involved nearby, we are ready to help.”

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