A Unique Career with Endless Opportunities

March 3, 2012 in News
Explorer: Spring 2012

When trying to figure out what your dream job is, drilling isn’t something that normally jumps into your mind. Yet jobs in this unique industry have much to offer.

“It’s definitely not a boring job,” says Al Lamy, Surface Operations Manager at Team Drilling. “If you like to try new things or work in different places, and you enjoy challenging work, drilling could be for you.”

Team Drilling is a Canadian-owned drilling company providing premier exploration drilling for the minerals industry. The company currently works throughout Northern Saskatchewan, and has numerous other drilling projects across Canada. “We’ve been open for about four years now, and our company is doing very well,” says Bob Fleming, President of Team Drilling. “We have underground and surface drilling contracts throughout Northern Saskatchewan, as well as contracts in the Northwest Territories and Labrador. We have really expanded our operations since we opened our doors, and we’re always on the lookout for good people to join our team.”

Previous experience is not required. Employees start out in a helper position, and through training and experience, work their way up to a drilling position. From there, there are opportunities to advance to Supervisory or Manager positions, or employees can try different things: everything from heavy equipment operator to mechanical work, and more.

“Not only is drilling a great opportunity for career exploration, but our company offers full benefits, a very competitive salary, and we provide comprehensive on the job training,” says George Presseault, Contracts Manager at Team Drilling. “You don’t need to have a lot of education to get into this field, but with drilling, you can have a very comfortable lifestyle. It’s not a desk job, but it builds character.”

Interested in drilling as a career? Visit www.teamdrilling.com