5Buds opens fifth location

September 22, 2021 in News
Explorer: Fall 2021

By Allison Strong.

The new 5Buds location in Kindersley opened on April 19, 2021, and it is the first recreational cannabis store in town. “The people of Kindersley were extremely welcoming to the 5Buds team on opening day and were very excited to have the opportunity to purchase and seek knowledge about cannabis in their local community,” says Calvin Isackson, Managing Director of 5Buds.

The Kindersley 5Buds Cannabis location provides customers with a trusted source of information on cannabis products while providing a very robust menu with many options at affordable prices. “We’ve listened to the local residents and have crafted a menu of cannabis products and accessories that meet the needs of the local residents, so they have their favorite items to choose from and also newer items to provide options.”

Currently there are five employees at the new location, and they are all local residents. “It was amazing to see the support from employee family members on opening days as well, with some bringing the store flowers, cakes, and supporting us with making their first purchases on opening day,” comments Isackson. Isackson joined 5Buds in mid-December, taking on the leadership role over the company’s four locations with existing stores in Yorkton, North Battleford, and Warman, all of which have been operating since cannabis was legalized in 2018, with Prince Albert
opening in February 2021. “Every day, we’re excited to welcome new customers and we continue to build relationships with those customers who have already chosen us,” adds Isackson.

The company is 100% Saskatchewan owned; the result of a partnership between Athabasca Basin Development, Des Nedhe, Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies, and Prince Albert First Nations Business Development, representing ownership from 13 First Nations communities.