Long Lake Insurance Caring and Sharing in their communities

October 3, 2020 in Giving Back
Explorer: Fall 2020

Anyone who has lived in a small town on the prairies knows that the heart of the community is the rink. It’s a place for families to gather, for kids to learn about teamwork, and a place to make memories. This year we were able to help two of our communities repair damage that was threatening the continued operation of their rinks.

During the spring windstorms around the province, Strasbourg suffered significant roof damage to their community rink. The staff in Long Lake Insurance’s office wanted to help. A donation and some volunteer man-hours were a perfect way to show support and help get the rink ready for the upcoming season. When we received a bulletin from one of our market partners, Red River Mutual, we realized that assistance for our communities doesn’t always require that we write a cheque or volunteer hours. Red River Mutual was sponsoring a ‘Spruce Up Your Story’ contest and we knew we wanted to get involved. Our team in Imperial immediately forwarded an application to the Town of Imperial. The staff did an amazing application and were recently awarded $25,000 to go towards roof repairs on the Imperial Hockey Rink.

Small communities are the heart of our province. It’s a lifestyle that is near and dear to our hearts. All of our staff have grown up in small Saskatchewan communities and because of that, we continue to care and share.

Written by Nancy Blake, Long Lake Insurance