The third annual Christmas in the North campaign visits the communities in the Athabasca region

Christmas in the North

March 3, 2013 in Giving Back
Explorer: Spring 2013

In the second week of December, ABD co-sponsored the third annual Christmas in the North Campaign together with West Wind Aviation, Pronto Airways, Cameco and AREVA.

In this three-day event, 1,200 activity-based gift packages were delivered to Northern Communities in Wollaston Lake / Hatchet Lake, Fond du Lac, Stony Rapids, Camsell Portage, Uranium City and Black Lake.

“This is the third year that West Wind has organized this event and we are proud to have become a part of it this year,” says Geoff Gay, CEO of Athabasca Basin Development. “Christmas in the North directly touches the lives of residents in the Athabasca and is a natural fit for our sponsorship program. I’d like to thank West Wind and all the partners for their initiative in organizing, volunteering and sponsoring this excellent and exciting event.”

Volunteers participated in school Christmas concerts and helped decorate four Elders’ residences with lights and Christmas trees. They also visited four permanent residents at the Health Facility at Stony Rapids, where each resident received a gift pack of warm socks, shirts and sweat suits. Pronto also once again flew up the community Christmas feast for Uranium City and Camsell Portage.

“This event is very dear to our hearts and I am pleased to welcome Athabasca Basin Development as our new partner this year,” says Gord Gillespie, CEO of West Wind Aviation. “This event really gives us and our partners a chance to visit and get to know the residents in the Athabasca region. In each community, we had the opportunity to catch up with old friends, make some new ones, all while listening to the children sing Christmas carols. I would like to recognize and thank all of our partners, Cameco, AREVA, Shell Aviation Fuel and Athabasca Basin Development, for providing their support in making this event a reality.”