Allison Strong, Stony Rapids, was last year’s Marketing & communication summer student with Athabasca Basin Development. She wrote and coordinated the Fall 2021 newsletter as part of her duties.

Athabasca Summer Student program runs for a second year

March 21, 2022 in Giving Back People
Explorer: Spring 2022

ABD, in partnership with Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC) and five of our investments, launched a summer student program last year. The program employed 12 students in six companies in a variety of positions and lead to two students obtaining ongoing employment. This year, we have expanded the program to include up to 30 potential positions in eight different companies.

The goal of our summer student/mentorship program is to help develop tomorrow’s leaders by providing a meaningful work experience for students from the Athabasca Basin region who are enrolled in a post-secondary program and returning in the fall. 12 potential positions have been identified in 6 companies: ABD, Athabasca Basin Security, Points Athabasca, Points North, Arctic Beverages, Team Drilling, Flyer Electric, and Rise Air. There are a wide variety of positions, including IT, labour, yard, mechanics, admin, HR, marketing and accounting. The competition closed on February 25. Students will be matched as best as possible to opportunities based on the needs of the organization and the student’s past experience, area of interest and level of study. ABD will once again look after administration of the program. PAGC is providing 50% of the wage costs.