Our Team

Pictured left to Right: Shauna Loewen, Treena Fosseneuve, Geoff Gay, Terri Daniels, Mervin McDonald, Joyce Powder, Kristy Jackson, Earl Lidguerre, Anne Robillard, Dean Classen, Coreen Sayazie, Kristine McWilliam.

Athabasca Basin Development is governed by representatives from the Athabasca communities. Each of the communities appoints a representative to sit on the board. Board members are:

  • Anne Robillard, Chair, Hatchet Lake appointee since 1999
  • Earl Lidguerre, Fond du Lac appointee since 2011
  • Coreen Sayazie, Black Lake appointee since 2017
  • Merv MacDonald, Stony Rapids appointee since 2017
  • Dean Classen, Uranium City appointee since 2010

Unit Holder Representatives, who are non-voting members that alternate with the Uranium City appointee for a voting spot on the board every year, are:

  • Terri Daniels, Wollaston Lake appointee since 2012
  • Joyce Powder, Camsell Portage appointee since 2012

Athabasca Basin Development has six employees:

  • Geoff Gay, CEO
  • Kristine McWilliam, Controller
  • Shauna Loewen, Business Development
  • Kristy Jackson, Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Treena Fosseneuve, Office Administrator
  • Jeanette Daniels, Administrative Assistant