Our Team

ABD Team

The Athabasca Basin Development Board and staff. Pictured left to right: Treena Fosseneuve, Rick Robillard, Joyce Powder, Geoff Gay, Terri Daniels, Shauna Loewen, Kristy Jackson, Merv MacDonald, Anne Robillard, Earl Lidguerre, Kristine McWilliam, Dean Classen. Missing: Jeannette Daniels.

Athabasca Basin Development is governed by representatives from the Athabasca communities. Each of the communities appoints a representative to sit on the board. Board members are:

  • Anne Robillard, Chair, Hatchet Lake appointee since 1999
  • Earl Lidguerre, Fond du Lac appointee since 2011
  • Coreen Sayazie, Black Lake appointee since 2017
  • Merv MacDonald, Stony Rapids appointee since 2017
  • Dean Classen, Uranium City appointee since 2010

Unit Holder Representatives, who are non-voting members that alternate with the Uranium City appointee for a voting spot on the board every year, are:

  • Terri Daniels, Wollaston Lake appointee since 2012
  • Joyce Powder, Camsell Portage appointee since 2012

Athabasca Basin Development has six employees:

  • Geoff Gay, CEO
  • Kristine McWilliam, Controller
  • Shauna Loewen, Business Development
  • Kristy Jackson, Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Treena Fosseneuve, Office Administrator
  • Jeanette Daniels, Administrative Assistant